The first rule of caring for you new tattoo is WASH YOUR HANDS.  Never touch your new tattoo with dirty hands. A tattoo is a wound and needs to be cared for as such. Your hands carry bacteria from everything you touch. Washing your hands with  an antibacterial soap is one thing that can greatly reduce the chance of infection in your healing tattoo 

During the first 3 days of healing time, we would like to have you wash your tattoo at least 5 times (if not more) a day. Each time it is washed please use cold soapy water. When washing your tattoo please only use your hands and wash gently.  When washing the tattoo, it is important that you continue to wash it until it feels smooth and clean again. The goal is to gently dissolve the scab so the tattoo is down to clean skin each washing.  When the tattoo is clean, blot dry and again keep it open to the air. No bandage. 

As your tattoo is finished it will be treated with and antibacterial salve and covered with a bandage. The bandage needs to remain on your tattoo for an hour.  When the hour has gone by, remove the bandage and wash your tattoo with cold water and an antibacterial​ soap.  It is important to use cold water to keep the pores of the skin closed down and less susceptible to bacteria.  Please gently wash your tattoo until the skin feels completely smooth and clean.  It is important that all the residue on the tattoo is washed away. Gently blot the tattoo dry, do not rub or wipe the tattoo.

 DO NOT re-bandage the tattoo, it is important to let the tattoo get air while it is healing.

On the 4th day of healing, reduce the washing of your tattoo to 1 or 2 times a day. If during the day the tattoo feels dry and itchy, apply Lubriderm lotion as lightly as you possibly can.  10 minutes after applying lotion blot away any lotion or moisture that still remains on the tattoo.  Leaving the excess moisture on the tattoo can lead to scabbing and infection. 

Tattoo Aftercare​

More healing tips

*Do not pick or scratch your tattoo. These actions remove the healing scab to soon, and it causes      voids and scars to form with in the design. 

*No soaking your swimming, no soaking in a bathtub or hottub.  Make showers quick, get  in get clean and get not linger in the shower.  After your shower make sure to specifically  rinse your tattoo off with cold water.  It needs to be cooled off and and soap, shampoo, or  conditioner that may be on the tattoo needs to be rinsed away. 

*Avoid sun light, both natural and tanning bed light. Any exposure to UV light with cause burning of  the skin and that can range from a mild sunburn to 3rd degree burns.  Tattoo ink makes your skin  very sensitive to sun light. Exposure to UV light lengthens the healing time and fades the healing  pigments. 

*If your tattoo does get infected...please consult your tattoo artist.  Caring for an infected tattoo is a bit different  than caring for a regular wound.